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Just put up my winners for a competition that the site ran. Competition Winners by DJBarney

It was quite tricky to sort out the Battlefield 2 lettering with the correct font and recreation of the effects used. I had some fun with various themes. The water one at the bottom uses a screen shot from the free mod Project Reality along with some water effects. Then there's the Christmas one in the middle, which is displayed on the site around that time of year. That uses a screen shot from the AIX2 mod and snow effects. My favourite one however is the top one which was inspired from the flame thrower in the award winning mod Forgotten Hope ... TOASTED !
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I've been submitting creations of mine that have been languishing in my archive - or were they just waiting for the right moment ? There is some identification with clairvoyant artwork here. I often find that I am working with that inner place that some call the Zone. Some call it Abstract Art, but labels maybe just take away the mystery to a certain extent. Take this research ...…

Psychedelics were used by Dali and other's getting in contact with the DNA - Light - Consciousness space. It is real, although in many ways it's reality has got dumped into what we call "Art", or maybe less so on this site called deviant art .. Haa Haaaa !

I've had a number of moments where the experimental photography that Dali did has come up in my mind very vividly. With him floating off the floor with a look of complete ecstatic divine union on his face. With the water and cats flying past. Wow ! There is much to learn from Dali.
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David Bowman: "Some thing's going to happen".

Heywood Floyd: "What's going to happen ?".

David Bowman: "Something ... Wonderful". (2010)

What Art is needed for the 21st Century ? Of course it will be the "same old" Art that has provided sustenance since the time of Cave Paintings. It will be oil paintings and water colours. Music, dance, and entertainment. The "same old, same old" is perfectly capable of "doing the do" into the 21st Century. For life on Earth. Exploration of the Solar System and beyond.

A'hem, now I've got that out the way.

Looking at some of my pieces I see them in a new light. They are visionary. Sometimes I didn't know what they meant or where they came from when I did them. But I did them.

I have a skill, I see a need. Look at the current International Space Station missions. Space Walks. The States, Europe, Japan, and other countries working together. Of course thousands, probably millions are excited by this project. From nuts and bolts engineering advances, to just the pure joy of seeing the day to day life on the complex.

But I detect a lack of context sometimes. The News media can do a brilliant job of reporting some events, but with the ISS something is sometimes missing. Take this story… ... it is slanted to make it look like an inexcusable mistake. The bag was lost because a grease gun "exploded" in the bag but this is not mentioned in the article. Other news releases use the phrase "vexed mission"… and a missions "plagued" by problems. This is very strong language for space walks that have been ahead of schedule. They have fixed most of the problems. There is always some problem that turns up anyway on such a big project. the SARJ (solar panel) joints have been broken for months ! Clearly a case of very bad research and reporting .. why ?

I would say that there has been a loss of context. Of course there are many important things going on down on Terra Firma, but the ISS is part of a embryonic evolutionary change going on that is vital to the future of mankind and the Planet. Read any general discussion ( like here… ) and you will find a breathtaking polarisation of comments from the well informed to one's of gross ignorance. Could this be because the station is barely reported on and when it is, the issues and research is grossly inadequate ?

It could be seen as an information problem, but I'd say it's a contextual, subconscious, ARTISTIC problem !

So, if I can just tone down my intellect and get some artwork done here.
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I thought it might be interesting to go through the development of my "Don't Look Back"… image.

I found the model of the Galleon in a public domain model database. I started trying to do a complex animation of the ship sailing along, but got bogged down in technical issues. I may go back to the ani.

Around the same time I was following up an interest I had in rendering Planets. A bit like being Zlarty Blarfarst… in  a Douglas Adams novel. The combining of the two, planet and the ship just came very naturally. I don't find I have to brain storm particularly hard to come up with interesting ideas. The hard part is actually the technical side, but I find that interesting.

I had to clean up the model and get it into the right format for Bryce. I also had to texture it.

I almost made a composite image of the planet and the Bryce render in Gimp, but I eventually managed to put the Planet render on a backdrop in Bryce. After some tweaking it actually looks like a planet far away, rather than something pasted on the background. Fog / haze settings were important here.

So, I'm glad I stuck with the process. I have ended up with a piece of artwork that adequately expresses what I can't quite express in words. But I must remember to say that it wasn't easy ! I almost abandoned the entire project at multiple points. I was sometimes seething at what should have been trivial technical problems. So with the image now on here I can give myself a pat on the back ! All I need to do now is make myself a print.

DJ Barney
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Time to get outta here. Open UP ! Here we go. It's only been a few million years getting to this point. Wake UP ! Smell the Coffee. You really don't wanna miss this .. believe me ;)

DJ Barney
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Baaaahhhh! Humbug! Buggeroff!

Ok, now I've got that out the way.

I have a domain for my posters. ... just forwards to Deviant at the moment. I've decided to sell posters alone and let the buyer find a frame if they want one ... until I find some framing deal. Deviant prints are very high quality, but their frame leaves a LOT to be desired. It is plastic, and the clear plastic that covers the poster BENDS, so that it bulges in various places ... terrible ! I need to complain really.

Anyway, I still think these posters will really make a room look the very opposite of mundane to say the least.

Not much on the art front. I have had health problems, so all Bryce, photographic, gimp/photoshop projects are on hold.

Bah !

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I now have the first proof of the Saturn poster on my wall. See my gallery if you want to see it but it is NOT finished yet. You are welcome to order it (recommended: largest size, in a frame) but the final version will be slightly different. The layout is slightly wrong and the tense of the text needs changing. So I am itching to get this finished so I can move on and implement my ideas for other posters. This first one is the "proof of concept", and I must say that so far I am very happy with Deviant print quality and the frame the poster comes in. All very carefully packaged for transit as well.  All I need now is a proper shop front. I have already registered the domain which goes through to the Saturn poster ordering page. I need a better page though and am unsure if I need a Deviant subscription to accomplish the inclusion of proper ordering buttons and that kind of thing. Stay posted ! (pun intended).

DJ Barney
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I'm working on a poster of one of the Cassini Saturn shots. I've been in email contact with one of the UK Cassini team, so I hope to "pass" it with him when it's finished. I won't say too much now, but I'm having some sizeing problems! My first idea was to make it as big as possible, but this is just not working. The original image is just not big enough and there are no bigger versions. I could edit out the jaggies and so forth to make it look pristine, but I still think that would not match up the image to the dedication and hard work of the Cassin team. So it will be a smaller poster.

I AM working on a HUGE tiff of an observatory shot of a nebulae, suitable for Deviants largest 300 dpi print size. This is a very interesting project as, if done properly, this poster could TRULY put across the terrifying (in a good way... LOL!) nature of space. These posters intrigue me, as I can include full details of the creators of the image, instruments, and facts. There are far too many space images bandies around IMO without any details, or real understanding of how they were made. We're so used to hitting in a web address and getting up an image, these days, we forget the often LIFETIME long stories that have led to these AMAZING discoveries! We TRULY live in a "Star Trek world" and it's high time, IMO, that we shut the cynics up and got down to the business of revealing the TRUE miracles that we live around (and IN!) every day.

Set phazers for ... enlighten.... Captain !

DJ Barney
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All prints are back on line!

I have some new work in the pipeline. A fractal image using Apophysis and Bryce and a Firefox Browser theme/skin. I have been releasing new work on my Net Label… and have already worked on some CD covers, so I hope to put those up here soon.

I am also working on my Litestep theme. I started it in 2000 ! LOL! But I'm not lazy really, there was just lot's of "life" that "got in the way" ;-) If you use Windows and get fed up of staring at the same interface day in, day out, then I heartily recommend Litestep. Especially if you can't resist customising everything! Litestep is probably the most configurable shell for windows (it's based on a long standing window manager for linux "X", by the way, called "Afterstep"). Litestep now has a proper theme standard and it's installer has been completely rewritten so you don't need to be a geek to get things working. It also works OK on Vista so I'm told !

Now...back to work [don's overall]....:)

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I have deactivated ALL prints for the moment.

I was having problems with bleed edges and layout (don't give yourself a headache, art lovers...leave it to me!).

This is due to my "newbieness" at DeviantArt...but as the title live and you learn.

At least the sample prints I ordered are actually the most high quality, pixel perfect prints I have ever seen! I just can't guarantee that parts of the image won't be truncated, and so on, at the moment. I soldier on.

On a brighter note...I am making progress with my music and hope to put a few of my CD covers up here soon :-D

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This has been a funny time for me as an artist.

I have all these pieces of artwork littered around that I then hide away from myself...self esteem?

Also, I am always in danger of never completing anything! Leonado Da Vinci had this problem actually.

I also have the classic artistic creative/destructive streak...although it has got better. I'll spend hours even years creating something and then destroy in an orgy of firey destruction! LOL!

Anyway...calmer days rule now. I've just bought a MIDI keyboard to play music and control my software synths (with all the sliders and knobs) Deviant do music as well....hmmmm.

Rock On Deviants!

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